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March 26 2014


The advantages of the custom PHP development

Most professional web design services today are completed with the help of custom PHP development services. This development environment has proven it has various advantages for its users and this is the reason why about 20 million websites worldwide with satisfied owners have been built by using PHP. Among them we should list Yahoo and Flickr. Nowadays, more than obtaining a functional and visually attractive website, the most common requirement which encompasses all the other is benefiting from customized services which are adapted to each and every client’s needs. But what are exactly the advantages of using customized PHP services?


When developing PHP applications, another advantage is the ability to save large amounts of money which otherwise would be necessary in order to hire and train people. Instead your developer will use frameworks, like Zend, Cake, Symfony, which are open-source. When in need of advice, the developer may call to the supporting community if the problem is not very complicated, instead of paying an expert. Even a beginner PHP developer can count on programming guides and on PHP tutorials on the web. All with zero costs.

The quick turn-around time ensured by custom PHP developers is another way of saving time and, implicitly, money.

Flexibility and stability at the same time

This web development platform is suitable for all business expansions because it is compatible with various operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac). Moreover, you have freedom of choice for web servers, too, because PHP supports the most common server types, such as IIS and Apache. Custom PHP development solutions make it possible to deliver technically powerful and dynamic websites because the platform itself is robust and well-done, with excellent database management functionality. The intuitive memory building capacity means that developers don’t have to waste time on gathering codes from other sources.

Some publishing and web development platforms, like Joomla and Wordpress, exist thanks to PHP. This means they support PHP scripts and you can easily make a shift from PHP to other environments.

The benefits of the latest technology

When using custom PHP services, you will always be updated with the latest information in the domain and also you know that once your application is completed, you will be ensured web maintenance services, as errors might need to be corrected or features, added.

It is the best choice for developing web applications

Developing PHP applications will allow web designers to help their clients build a business process according to their requirements. PHP makes it possible to build dynamic web pages that can be later embedded into HTML. The automatic business generation will eventually lead to reduced costs. Individualized services may cost more in the first place, but in the end they will help you save money and make your business more profitable.


How Does Hiring a Freelance Web Designer Benefit You?

If you have recently started a business, you probably did most of the tasks yourself. You may even have hired a few trusted people to handle accounting, customer service, or marketing. But in creating your website, you might want to consider going the freelancer route. It may surprise you but the freelance web designer cost could be much lower than if you get someone full-time. 

Get an Expert

A freelance web site redesigner is already an expert at what he does. If you or another employee wants to learn web designing, it will take some time to be good at it. To achieve the best results, you should consider getting professional freelance website maintenance services.

Save on Time

Time is very valuable when it comes to business. You could take some online courses to learn to make your own logo for example. You will be able to make one but it will certainly take longer than if you get a freelancer to do it. The freelance web designer cost may be much more affordable than you imagine.

Cut Down on Expenses

There are small web designing agencies that can do the job within your budget. A new freelance website designer may even accomplish the same project for a much lower price. In the long run, paying for a full-time employee who has to receive benefits and a regular salary will be more expensive. Another advantage is that you could work with the freelancer only as needed. Getting professional freelance website maintenance at certain schedules means that you don’t get stuck paying a salary even when the service isn’t required.

If money is a serious issue for you right now, the freelance web site designer cost will fall within your budget and you can focus on other aspects of your business too. Give the outline and details about what you want to the freelance website redesigner and be assured that you’re getting exactly what you want.

Boost Your Business

Outsourcing to a qualified person or team will work wonders for your budding business. At the same time, you will be able to monitor your expenses more closely. Getting freelancer website maintenance is viable nowadays. If you’re unsatisfied with one provider, you can switch to another one very quickly. Freelancers have their specializations and it’s up to you to now to benefit from having this option.

The freelancer can build your website, redesign it, and do regular maintenance on it. You will need this to make your website appear fresh and up-to-date. You want to keep your customers informed of the latest events or products in your company.

Help Each Other Out

Hiring a freelancer is a mutually beneficial relationship. If you succeed, partly because of the work done by the freelancer, this will resonate in the industry he or she is in. The independent contractor thrives on endorsements from the client. Even when the pay is a fraction of what the established web designers get, they build on their portfolio and this will lead to bigger projects.


How to Choose the Best Website Redesign Company for You

Determine Your Reasons for Redesigning Your Website

The websites will need major overhauls at least every two years, according to expert marketers. To not change is to stagnate. Basically, companies want to improve the service they offer to customers as well as share how they have changed too. In the age of globalization, it’s not unheard of for a US firm to acquire the services of a re-design company in India for its website redesign project. The most obvious reason is that overseas providers offer affordable website redesign.

What to Consider in Your Choice of Company

But there are other factors to be considered that should be given the same, if not more, weight in this decision. Does the company offer top-quality work? Are they able to offer maintenance services for your website? Will they be quick to respond to your needs? What is their specialty? These are all important considerations. While price is an issue for any start-up company, there has to be certain level of competence that you have to aim for.

Don’t be Hasty in Deciding

Before rushing into making the decision, consider first what your reasons are for redesigning your website. The process may take several months and it will mean that there will be several meetings with the design firm in India. How can you manage discussing the details when you’re in different time zones? Is the language barrier an issue? Fortunately, these can all be worked out. All that we’re suggesting is that you bring the issue up with the company before approving the website redesign.

Check the Portfolio

Having enough experience is another prime consideration for choosing a company to do your website redesign. Check the portfolio of this company if they’ve ever done anything similar to what you want. Ask more questions. A good company will be open to discussions while a fraudulent company will be far from happy with your inquiries. Ask for recommendations.

Discuss Details

You’re not starting this because of a proposal for a website redesign. Set goals to inform the company what your expectations are. Take stock of marketing analytics and consider this in your new designs. The redesign agency in India will also have to be an expert in SEO. You don’t want to fall off the ranks. This is an amazing opportunity for you to review your SEO strategies too. Make sure that your website is capable of social media interaction. Your website will have to look good whether it’s being viewed on the laptop or on a mobile phone.

Embarking on a website redesign project is not a decision to be made lightly. Who you hire has to be outstanding at improving the aesthetics and the usability of the website. Finding an affordable web site redesign company will benefit you only if it’s able to deliver on its promises. By being careful, you can avoid being duped by empty assurances from companies who are only out to get your money.


Know the Best Ways of Converting PSD to HTML

Efficient tool of conversion

Slicing PSD to HTML is one web development skill that website designers should have if they want to keep their pay checks. Businesses won’t be able to thrive if they can’t compete with rivals when it comes to using the most effective marketing tools currently available. This is where the best website designers come in. Not many businesses have employees who know how to convert PSD into HTML. If you are a business owner and you want the viewers of your websites to instantly take notice, you will want this service.

Skills important in conversion

There are pros and cons of either hiring someone to convert PSD Design to HTML or outsourcing this step. This is a complex skill and the process itself takes a considerable amount of time to complete. The person laden with this task has to be very familiar with the strategies. Whatever direction the business is leaning to, it will have to identify what the PSD to HTML conversion strategies are in order to make an informed decision. Businesses want to be able to connect with their potential customers in a vibrant and long-lasting way. The designers will have to prove themselves worthy of the project.

Expertise will help in good conversion

First of all, the website has to be visually stunning. To achieve that, the designers will have to be an expert in slicing PSD to HTML so that it gets a look that stands out and is not easily forgotten. The conversion has to be perfect to the last pixel. After designing the image, this person or team should then be able to convert PSD files into HTML. They get a lot of creative control and they have to make the most of it.

Error has no place

Another strategy that has to be mastered in converting PSD to HTML is clean coding. This involves manually coding the website. By doing so, the website will definitely rank higher on the search engines. The codes are of high quality and this makes sure that there are no errors, allowing the website to meet World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Standards. A major upside to slicing PSD to HTML is having uniformity throughout the website with regards to the colour scheme and even its images sizes and fonts. Because a CSS file (with fewer code lines) is used, the page loads quicker.

Professionals always do well in conversion

The website visitors that are being targeted will surely be using a variety of browsers. By knowing how to convert PSD into HTML, compatibility is ensured and the visitors see the same features. You get to avoid puzzled messages and complaints about the website being experienced differently by various people. There aren’t many developers who could say that they’re confident about their skills in converting PSD into HTML. There are good developers and then there are specialists. In order to recognize who they are, business owners and managers are advised to review their past work and not rely merely on credentials. These professionals can show proof of their expertise and will not hesitate in giving assurances that they will be able to deliver work that exceeds expectations.

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